App Inventor TinyDB Tutorial


Data persistent – one application instance to another application instance the data is still there.

Here the method is used is TinyDB for data persistence

So first of all understanding on how to use TinyDB component tutorial is important

The components that we are going to use are Screen1, TinyDB, Listpicker, Button

Where Screen1 component is used to initialize data from the previous instances of the application and TinyDB component for data persistent and it is very fast as well.

 List Picker component is used to load the notes and once the data has been stored with the tag and we need that note tag and to be available that Title to be loaded only once to see again and we are going to use 3 button components.

In this TinyDB tutorial we are going to use Non Component Blocks as well such as If/else, Variable, make a list, is in list, add to list components.

Drag the text box component on the designer view for the title and here the text box component named as Note Title

 Naming the components is very important because we may not get confused while building blocks in the blocks editor

Here we also have another text box with height 150 pixels and the width is fill parent and this is Note Box

The difference between Title box and Note box is the Title box is going to use as a tag to store the data we can store.

We can use the hint option to write a easily understandable hint about the component.

Here we have added 3 buttons such as Save Note, Load Note, New Note.

Load Note is not a button, it is a Listpicker. Listpicker is going to be the list of tags from the TinyDB that we have stored connected to a note.

So there will be 2 kinds of data storing in TinyDB and will be storing the Note Data with a tag attached to the Note Title but also we have to store the list of the tags that we have used because those tags that we used to retrieve the data from the TinyDB

When ever we want to start to build the logic of the program it is better to review the design goals once again. According to the design document we want to use the title of the note for its tag and we need to store our note and use the title for the tag. So we need to store our note and use the title for the tag and we do not want blocks using already then.

Here is the list of the defined components and this tutorial video will help you to easily understand on how to use the defined components to meet the design goal to use the TinyDB component.

List picker is used to pull the data out of the DB and display it on our note data.

Second Video on App Inventor TinyDB Tutorial

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