How to Use List Picker in App Inventor – Tutorial


Select the list picker from the basic palatte tab and drag it to the viewer and we can change the properties of the listpicker in properties tab with our required width and height and after take a label and set the properties.

As it is a small application we have taken two components

By using block editor we can make our design work, according to this application we use the components of list picker and label. We can see these two components in the blocks editor.

In order to work with list picker, choose built in select list and choose make a list block which is useful to list out of the items which we want to use and we have to use text to list of the item names.

After preparing the make a list and text blocks and we should choose a variable and change it to amount of money or with any other name which we can understand by seeing the code and after that plug with makealist.

Once it is done, we should check for what the list picker should do before picking and after picking

Choose the list picker and as we can see many methods related to list picker, we select list picker before picking for before from my blocks list and set list picker elements two i.e this the variable created earlier

And after, select list picker after picking, we want to set the label so select the label text to the list pick selection i.e we can select this by using list picker methods

If we click on the list picker, it displays all the items we given in the list and if we click on the list picker item should get selected in the item.

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